Allah and HIS Words
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Allah and HIS Words
All of Allah's words, which the Angel Gabriel brought to the Prophet
Muhammad, are written down in a book. This book is called the Quran.
In the Quran, we can read all that Allah says to us and to all
In the Quran, we can find stories of many other prophets, for Allah
always sent prophets to mankind so that they would worship Him alone
and do good. That is why there were many prophets before Muhammad.
We can also find many other things in the Quran. All that we as
Muslims believe, and should do, is written there. When we know what is
written in the Quran and follow it, we become good Muslims.
All that we know about Allah is what He Himself has told us. Allah
told the Angel Gabriel to speak to Muhammad, and Muhammad told the
people what the Angel Gabriel had said to him.
Allah is the only God. There is no god apart from Allah. That means,
only Allah could have made mankind and the earth, moon, sun and stars.
Allah is the only One who created all these.
Of course, you know that many things on earth just work by themselves.
For example, when you put seeds in the earth and wait a few months,
plants will grow out of them. To put the seeds in the earth is easy,
but there is an important question you must ask yourself: Where do we
get the earth and from where do we take the seeds? You may say that
the seeds can be taken from other plants, and you would be right. But
just think: those other plants also need earth to grow in, so where
does the earth come from?
Earth is made out of fine particles of sand, minerals, salts and other
materials. Where can we obtain the sand and other things from? Plants
also need water to grow, so where does it come from? The plants need
sunshine in order to shoot out from the ground. Where do we get
sunshine from? We also need the day and night so that we can count how
many days it takes for the plants to grow.
As we have already said, it is easy to put the seeds in the earth and
wait till the plants grow out of it, but nobody can make all the
things that are needed to make it work. No man can make earth and air,
light and water, or the day and the night. It is exactly the same with
all other things.
For instance, man can build houses. He needs stones to do this, but he
cannot make the stones himself. Man can also build cars and airplanes.
To do this he also needs, among other things, iron and rubber. Again,
he cannot make iron and rubber himself. Iron can be found in some
rocks, and when these rocks are made hot, the iron turns to fluid and
flows out of them. Rubber can be found in certain trees. When the bark
of these trees is cut, liquid rubber juice flows out. But the rocks in
which the iron is found and the trees from which rubber flows were not
made by man. Despite all his cleverness and skill, man is not able to
do these things. This means that when man makes cars or airplanes or
manufactures anything else, he is using materials which are already
there on earth. Had they not been there ready to be used, man could
not have made those cars, airplanes and other things. Everything man
uses to make something has been created by Allah. Allah has made all
these things which man needs so that people are able to live, build
houses, plant crops and rear animals for food and clothing and even
make cars and airplanes. Without Allah, man would not be able to do
anything, for the simple reason that but for the will of Allah, man
would not exist. It is Allah Who has created the earth, air, sun,
water and the many other things which man needs in order to live.
Without these, man cannot live and that means man could not exist on
earth. It is Allah Who created man and He Who keeps him alive.
Everything is from Allah. That is why we say: There is no god apart
from Allah.
It is Allah Who has created everything. Allah has also told man what
he should do, because that is good for him. Allah sent prophets to
speak to man. Man should always think of Allah and be grateful to Him,
and obey the commands he has given through His prophets.
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the word allananf his words is nearer to this sentence ah nut and his
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