Debate in pap. This is a joke
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Damned-Virus-Data Miner providers
2011-04-13 19:14:37 UTC
LHL will like Singaporeans to believe that there are genuine debates within
the pap. Nothing can be further from the truth. How can there be genuine
debate when those who momentarily lost their guards and exposed their
genuine thoughts are either slapped or eased out. Those who reinforced the
thoughts of LKY are promoted. That is the level of debates within the pap.
yeap......joker's party.........

2011-04-14 02:45:18 UTC
Tom the Jig Me Crabber and Peter the old Dutch faggot Turd are crazy
nut sicko SOBs and racist bigoted Tibetan Clowns confirm again that
they are China haters, and want to see China destroyed as a nation:
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