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2011-05-06 05:22:41 UTC
This will be one of my last posts on GE2011, before Polling Day. After all,
tomorrow is Cooling Off Day. Technically it doesn't apply to me, but to the
election candidates. But following the spirit of the law I won't be posting
anything new tomorrow.
besides this, not only different types of trobles happned......below
is a sample of video
where Osama was killed for terror type of trobules that is linked to
all those people
mentioned before.........this dead man is acually helping Dr Ng Eng
Hwn for such acts
since he do on human indication like this at Osama Bin Laden.......

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2011-05-07 14:14:55 UTC
I'll post a lot more for you to laugh. Ugly foul smelly Peter the old
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