Evil papist forced Singaporeans to pay for ride to Sentosa
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Damned-Virus-Data Miner providers
2010-09-19 03:51:07 UTC
The free shuttle bus services from the HDB heartlands to Resort World
Sentosa Integrated Resort was stopped abruptly last week by the Ministry of
Community Development, Youth and Sports ostensibly on the grounds of
"encouraging" Singaporeans to gamble at its casino.
"Even with the best preparation, casinos would still 'test the boundaries'
from time to time. The authority's handling of the recent violations
demonstrated its ability to act decisively and quickly."
The RWS shuttle bus service has been running without a glitch for the last
four months and was approved for operation by various government agencies
including the Land Transport Authority.
For some strange reasons, though the free shuttle bus services are stopped,
public buses are still bringing Singaporeans to the IRs, raising suspicions
that the key reason behind its termination is financial.
The Public Transport Council said the IRs should remain accessible by public
transport which is why public buses are allowed to offer the paid service.
SBS Transit has five trunk services which ply the Marina Bay area to cater
to the "travel needs" of commuters which has been previously met by the free
shuttle bus services.
MCYS should explained why SBS Transit is still allowed to offer so many
trunk services to both IRs, more so than the two initial free shuttle bus
services provided. Won't they encourage more Singaporeans to go to the
casino too?
The fracas is another example of the arbitrary and high-handed manner in
which the PAP regime operates and Singaporeans will live forever under its
mercy if it continues to remain in office.
Whatever it is.......South East Asian communism (CCP) China communist
party did something very well that could have rouck the public since
yesterday........well done to such an extent that MFD 5 of a very
redness type of virus (late stage case) was being spread to the public
but don't know when it started but it happens that some idiots are
caught red handed by helping LBY to do this during F1's
period.........damn thing that such a problem happens.........this
thing could cuase the full redness type of virus to spread to people
whom are other country national whom came to Singapore for the F1
events. This could cuase tourist etc to bring back to virus to spread
around the world and once again another problem ermerged. Very sad
case to say that human had to go away from this world (should the body
turn weak) as these viruses are still a way to resolve.This is a very
interesting case and these people whom are carriers of such disease
are seemed to be non local Singaporean people where their speaking
language change around to speak foreign language which could be either
linked to philipines or even indonesia but sometimes they switched
back to speak in English as if you thought they are locals........too
bad, get caught anf good luck to yourself for all this..........

2010-09-19 04:33:09 UTC
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