LHLselling 3rd rate pap as "A" team
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2011-04-06 14:39:01 UTC
LHL and his father can claim whatever they like. But Singaporeans are wise
and now can see thru their lies. It is so clear that the current pap
leaderships are all third rate. Yet he claimed that they are "A" team. This
only means the pap standard is far lower than that of ordinary Singaporeans.
LHL is selling snake oil. Don't get suck in by his scam.
not only that two party system not workable as mentioned by Lee Hsien
the main reason as said before in the previous message that due to Dr
Chee Soon
Juan, Dr Choi etc dare to speak against the PAP and also get charged,
they might
as well scrap this idea once and for all so that they will have a hard
time to say
whatever they think is needed to.....very bad......the answer is
like Anwar Ibrahim or Liu Xiao Buo.............

2011-04-08 01:10:31 UTC
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