papists are hypocrites
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Damned-Virus-Data Miner providers
2011-04-19 13:20:47 UTC
the papists are a bunch of useless hypocrites. they will twist and turn like
a snake when they r caught lying and cheating singaporeans.
don't ever trust the pap again. the moment the election is over they will
start screwing singaporeans again. gst up, foreigners welcome in huge no.
government services up. water, electricity up. rent up. pigeon holes up. coe
up, petrol up, cost of living skyrocketed.
Take a look of this is even wirse than that:-

The below information are proofs of troubles as the the indication on
the pictures shown
clearly that Ang Chwee Sun, (one line indication on the left), Liu Ai
Lian (One line
indication on the right) and Ang Geok Hwa (One slant line indication
on the box below
the middle of the box of medicine for picture 1 and for picture 2
shows a very thin line on
the top portion of tree bark showing the word Taliban which was done
by Liu Ai Lian
and Ang Chwee Sun which proofes the troubles and the third picture
shows the indication
of Taliban at the left bottom of the coffee advertisement at the MRT
boarding platform.
The middle of the medicine shows the death of Cheong Choon Ha whom are
done like
this to make her weak by all those people mentioned as above, that’s
all…..from what we
can see from here is that these people are more than ruthless and
violence in their nature
to do such things in life………

furher investigation after the exposure of Taliban on TV
From CDO
2011-04-19 16:12:41 UTC
Peter the old Dutch faggot Turd skunk and crazy nut sicko SOB and
racist bigoted Tibetan Clown confirms again that he's a China haters,
and want to see China destroyed as a nation: Now, go suck your dalai
and fuck your yaks and kiwis.
2011-04-21 07:34:53 UTC

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