a good report but a bad idea afterall................
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2010-09-18 03:35:36 UTC
do you know that thursday paper carries legal advice on the front page
of the straits times to say that films etc need to have curbs
issue.......the whole thing is very simple by reading a few pages
later to find out MDA's announced meaning is that they use children as
a mean to say that films got to have legal announced cuts, then what
about adult by themselves whom are able to watch or view R21......the
system is lobsided to some sense in this issue and do you know what is
the meaning of cuts by the way.......the answer is cuts is a kind of
method that can be done to film to block certain things on the film
iself by using software or certain hardware techniques.......this
method will cause the scene to be selected to be removed and it will
join properly to say this is like any other normal films that is in
full edition. Another simple way to say is like using a eraser to
remove some words from it to say that this is a sentence.....a simple
definition of the idea. take a look of films that are cut in DVD to be
sold in retail shops in Singapore and take the UN code 1 version to
compare and you can see that the cuts are actually very serious to the
point that minimum or brief violence or sexual content to say this as
a legal films to represent them as M18 or R21 in Singapore.......after
reading this, you hould be able to understand this method........good
luck, MDA........

2010-09-18 04:28:31 UTC
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