In past 5 years has the pap achieved anything good at all ?
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2011-04-26 13:14:22 UTC
truth comment : yes they build 2 casinos and many singaporeans are losing
their pants to the foreign owners.
Please Look at the Fundamentals Before You Vote
  SINGAPORE: Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has a simple message
for voters in the heat, dust and clamour of the election campaign - he has
urged them to look at the fundamentals.
terror done to release the jailed immates of Taliban shows that they
can manuvre these
people to do different kind of job required as Liu Ai Lian ger
tsomeone to do the trouble
which was reported on TV news as done by her and the proof of her
precense based on
her indication done at the location of the trouble. They vould also
use this time to release
all these prisioners so that they cannot hget the balmed as they have
yet to get elected
to run for the next 5 years as south east asian communism. The other
problem is the
Karachi last on bus where the TV news reported in media which this
case was done by
Ang Geok Hwa where her presence was also found at the scene of
troubles. These are
basically what they could do or carried out fast so as to avoid the
trouble of they did these
troubles once the running party gets elected. The next announcment
which was done on
TV news is the promotion of Youtube.com on TV news 26th April 2011 at
around 7.43pm\
Singapore time.not only for elction purposes and since it was not
mentioned much aboiut
it, users could use this to promote themselves, put up nice trip
videos etc........the bus
terror in Karachi was also reported on TV news before the Youtuibe.com
is being mentioned
in the News programme.

2011-04-26 15:03:53 UTC
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Hospital with abianchen/Meichi, the "guy from Tawang"?
Did the shrink think you can go back home without shock treatment?
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