UK's National Health Service ( earners pay for users ) has many flaws.
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Lim PE
2010-08-18 06:08:19 UTC
1] Encourages addiction e.g. of alcohol, nicotine, solvents, heroin : every addict
knows that when his/ her resultant sicknesses appear, s/he can get free repair
from NHS. E.g. [i] south of London's Balham train station @ west side of
Balham High rd, every Thursday morning after getting their dole from a post
office, alcoholics buy liquor from liquor shops then sit on a public bench
outside & drink til their corneas & skin turn dark red : when their kidneys /
hearts fail, NHS must supply free dialysis / bypass, now Πof UK's NHS users
are alcoholics. In msia, todi shops will get more business. [ii] In '83 in
Clapham South I saw a man openly sniff solvent while walking, & from the
frequent news reports there, I realised that solvent addiction is common in
Disgust is what non-smokers studying/ working with smokers will feel : not
only can smokers fumigate my lungs, when they get cancer I must help pay for
their treatments !
Chain smokers are 95% of male & œ of female pribumis in Indonesia, & 70%
of men in China. Nanyang said 60% of alcholics in UH are indians, see
, CAP's own study on samsu agrees : 80% of samsu sold in msia is drunk by
tamils. An NHS *equivalent will sure make msia go in this direction : cigar,
cigarette, beer, samsu, todi & glue makers can then advertise "Now you need
fear no hospital bill, feel free to enjoy my product". If HIV carriers will get
free AZT, junkies will not fear HIV, then NHS will be bankrupted by AZT's
2] Breeds defective genes : couples with faulty genes i.e. cannot produce healthy
kids can have all their kids' defects repaired by NHS, no need to appeal for
help via media.
Pregnant women who smoke ( directly / indirectly ) produce retarded kids, this
is a known fact & the story of a bumi couple I know. RTM's films of retarded
kids are <œ as shocking as BBC's of UK's, broadcasters here should buy &
show these BBC documentaries, then msians can know how bad this problem is
in UK, 1 reason why its high taxes cannot drop. Buddhists breathe in smoke &
carbon monoxide etc from jossticks non-stop, & sure have cancer / retarded
kids more than others.
3] Fraud : many dentists ( esp indian ones, exposed by BBC, & incl the 1 who
conned me ) bluff patients that elaborate treatments are needed. Because
patients need pay only a small share of the costs, patients ( included me ) are
easily fooled into accepting elaborate but unnecessary, & even wrong treatments
, so dentists can maximise their monthly claims from NHS. Subsequently these
patients ( included me ) need many remedial treatments again @ NHS's expense.
The wastage of time of patients & honest dentists, will shock msians. After 6
repairs & 15 hr wasted, I finally lost 1 tooth, all because this crooked dentist
wanted to claim more £ from NHS. I was conned because I [i] did not know a
dentist could claim from NHS far more for a different treatment, I thought he
got a fixed salary from NHS [ii] thought a dentist would not bluff me just to
earn £7 more from me, I did not know he could collect from NHS £60 for fitting
a crown, instead of just £15 for a filling which was all I needed, as told by a
honest dentist 4yr later. Only 2yr later when I saw a dentist's monthly claims
from NHS, did I know this vast difference & why I was prescribed a crown. Then
BBC's That's Life programme exposed even worse attempted con done by
another indian dentist.
UK kids can get free spectacles on NHS, so many opticians there too make fake
claims, per BBC news. Already a few doctors in msia demand a NHS to pay their
unlimited claims, while they pretend to worry for public's health : doctors /
dentists / opticians can get their relatives to claim to have received costly
Private sector underwriters & hospitals must be efficient to compete with 1
another i.e. charge competitive rates, to stay in business, NHS is a monopoly
with a guaranteed & huge income i.e. no need to stop fraud, only needs to demand
bigger deductions from wages / profits : already SOCSO has paid out fake claims,
bought new cars for its executives, while it demands bigger deduction from wages.
4] Causes wage disputes : the extra costs to employers ( e.g. 11% of gross wage
is employers' share ) & employees ( e.g. 9% of gross wage is employees'
share ) make wage negotiations more difficult. Employees must demand e.g.
8% rise in gross wages so net wages can let employees make ends meet, but
employers cannot offer e.g. >5% because of their burden to fund the NHS.
E.g. in 1984 UK working-class employees could get only 61% of any rise in
gross wage, after deduction of 30% income tax ( to fund massive welfare ) &
9% NI ( national insurance ). This is why countries with massive welfare have
many prolonged wage disputes, never seen in msia : msians new in UK will be
amazed by the frequency of strikes there, nearly every 2 months a new strike
appears, every group of labour ( electricity workers, bus/ train drivers, nurses
) take turn to strike.
5] Patients who need pay nothing : just like UK's unemployed ( officially @ least
) & brits who work outside UK pay no NI, msians who work abroad ( e.g. in
S'pore ) will ( esp after they retire ) get free treatments in msia. Illegal
immigrants too can use fake / hired ICs, or bribe to get free service, already
indons hire bumis to pose as indons' babies' fathers, to get msia citizenship.
Criminals have no declared wages / profits, so will all get free treatment @
their victims' expense ! Patients who live on dividends / interest / rental /
pensions i.e. no wages / profit pay nothing too. In mid 10-00, BBC news
http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/video/news169.ram said 1 hospital in UK is
already overwhelmed by its number of patients.
6] Causes crime : the more deductions are forced on gross wages, the less
attractive are net wages, thus making money via crime is more attractive than
honest wages. The more levies ( employers' share ) are forced on gross wages
, the lower are gross wages ( as a fraction of total wage bills ) employers can
offer employees, thus the end result is the same as above.
Evidences [i] œ of UK shops have been robbed
[ii] Paris ( in a high tax country )'s crime rate beats US ( lower tax country )
's www.foxnews.com/world/091400/french_crime.sml [iii] In 2-02, BBC said
London's street crime is 6x New York's.
7) Private hospitals' users lose out : I live near & use a private hospital, not GH >3
mile from me, yet I will be forced to pay for a *.
If private hospitals can claim from a *, then private hospitals will be like the
dentist who conned me i.e. can prescribe unnecessary treatments, & because
patients bear only a small part of total cost, 1 can be easily conned into an
unnecessary treatment without getting a 2nd opinion which 1 would get if asked
to bear the whole cost : this is how a free market works better than NHS, 3 e.g.
2013-08-11 10:48:28 UTC
(Please ignore who are not persons from INDIA employed in UK or Worked in UK returned to INDIA)


Dear Sir,

LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA. Wish to bring to your notice that you are a member of NHS( National Health Scheme ) while working in U.K. that you can bring the amounts lying in your NHS account in U.K to India. Since funds are idle at UK and will not accrue interest,there is a provision in NHS that the amount can be transferred to purchase annuity policy elsewhere.


1. Members will enjoy the benefit of getting pension from age 30 years on words from LIC OF INDIA instead of age 60 years as in UK will get more 7% of life time guaranteed pension regularly.
2. Option for continuation for pension to the spouse after 1st life.
3. Option to receive corpus to the nominee after the life time pension to first life and/ or spouse-an Estate to the Kith and Ken.
4. Where as UK pension will be continued for life time for the 1st life only and no passing of Estate to nominees.
5. NRIs working right now can also transfer as of now accumulated NHS funds to LIC, and can continue their accumulation in NHS, that is benefit of immediate guaranteed life time pension with different options from LIC and further accumulations as usual.

We are happy to inform that JEEVAN AKSHAY-VI policy of LIC of India is recognized by HMRC UK to transfer the amounts lying in NHS account. The amount will be converted to INR as per the exchange rates prevailing on the date of transfer and the converted amount can be utilized to purchase Jeevan Akshay-VI policy from LIC of India.

We sincerely want that you invest your fund which is idle at present in our JEEVAN AKSHA-VI plan and enjoy the benefits from now. If you are interested in this scheme,we shall be glad to inform you the required and other procedures to be followed for transfer of this fund.

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