business services that could be made in this portion of the world..................
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2011-04-18 03:14:11 UTC
Hello to all,
There are many online services where we could start off with certain
business etc which might add to more income etc. One such services is
the paid view DVD website where users could login to view whatever
video that is within his age limit. The other service is known as the
paid music download service where user will have to download a program
from the website and then he can use the program to paid for each
music to download. The music is stored in a computer certain protected
directories where he files are to certain extent that there is no way
that any program could read this file unless you use back this program
that user buy the music to download and burn. This protected directory
is such that it will be hard for the user to illegally steal the
program. The last service is known as text online just like Singpore
type of teletext where user can check plane arrival times, news, food,
lottery etc but this version that is on the web is the international
version where after the user logon to it, he can click on the top
right hand corner to go to different country to view news etc. This is
known as international online service which I think is useful to lots
of people which also includes travelers etc. The other service that is
not an online service which could also bring in business which is
known as the music jukebox machine where you can pay to the machine to
choose the different song you want and then the machine will burn to a
CD and that piece of CD is considered as originals. This machine must
be verified by music company to be used in each different country. The
last service which could also boost business is the film area of
business where theatre could have a special projector installed to
read films that has certain strips of codes that is on one of the side
of the film where it can cause the sound system to switch to different
type of sound system in theatre so that film goers could enjoy like
digital dolby surrounhd, THX etc. These system will start
automatically without the need to set the type of sound system
manually to suit each particular films etc. These are all about
business services an hope that this ideas are useful in some ways.

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Ang Poon Kah
2011-04-28 01:43:58 UTC
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