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传说歌手被发音在在星期六下午的一间第四地板宾馆房间里的死者,没有死亡的立即的明显的原因。Beverly山丘警察部门's Lt*马克*Rosen
揭示了有"犯罪的目的的没有显然的症状" 在新闻发布会即刻。

美国网站TMZ是报导药方药被发现在星的现在's房间,与"各种各样的药丸瓶子" 看到。





她有了一个孩子,女儿Bobbi Kristina,18,从她的有歌手的工会。



根据报告,在房间里她最终不被允许。惠特尼's表亲Dionne*沃里克稍后出现了起来并且也是"离开转弯了" 由实施军官。






"我感觉到生病生活是宝贵的,我们是脆灵魂。让我们爱对方!我想念你美丽的惠特尼,整个的世界错过你!!(原文如此)" 阿莉西亚钥匙呼喊了。


"如此的损失。我们的时间的最伟大的声音的之一。华联信托送祷告给她的家庭......#R.I.P.Whitney," 詹妮弗写了,与粉红色增加:"惠特尼
2012-02-13 04:41:33 UTC
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Whitney * Houston 'drowned'
Cover the media? Sunday, February 12, 11:00 -? 2012 is SGT
Whitney * Houston 's death result of drowning in the bathtub, the report has revealed.
The coroner's office called reporters for a 5:00PM PST Sunday

1: The autopsy is completed, and are waiting for
lab reports.

2: Whitney Houston was found in the bathtub with her
head in the water.

3: CPR was performed, but she was pronounced dead at 3:43PM.

4: The cause of death will be announced after lab reports
are completed.

The coroner's office didn't say she was drowned.
The legend singer was pronounce dead Saturday afternoon, a fourth-floor hotel room, did not die immediately obvious reason. Beverly hills police department 's Lt. * Mark * Rosen
Reveal the purpose of the "crime no apparent symptoms at a news conference immediately.
U.S. website TMZ reported that prescription drugs were found in the star 's room, and a variety of pill bottles "to see.
An internal person told the publication that pharmaceutical technician arrived at the scenery of emergency "Whitney's body has been removed from the tub so if you decided to take a body if she OD'd, drowning or died from some other reason. "
Did not suggest evidence of Whitney in the room is Baijiu.
The music icon is removed on a gurney from the hotel room and will now bring the pride of a body determines the cause of death 48-year-old.
Bobby * Brown and her battle in the 80s and 90s, Whitney has been celebrated career, but for her hustle and bustle of the marriage and after the drug hit title.
She had a child, daughter Bobbi. Kristina, 18, from her trade union of singer.
TMZ has also been reported to The Bobbi enter an "angry shouting matches" with the hotel room outside of the police officer was found in her mother. Labor implementation of the news provider that the juvenile "Beverly * Hilton 4 floors in Whitney's death shows the number of hours up."
When the officer denied the access of Whitney 's body, Bobbi reportedly screaming, the cursing and asked to think of her mother. "
According to the report, she eventually not be allowed in the room. Whitney 's cousin Dionne * Warwick later and is "left turn" by the implementation of the officers.
At the same time, tonight Jennifer * Hudson will lead the tribute to the star which has been reported 's Grammy Awards.
Whitney is a six-time Grammy Award winner, and the people within the show 's producers eager to send the appropriate tribute at the ceremony later today.
Vision Ehrlich, performing executives, the program is the tribute of respect Whitney's life with a "Dear music, the" e said! Online.
Memory all at this time is too fresh, but if we are not recognized by the Whitney's significant contribution to the music, then we would be dereliction of duty of admirers in general, and particularly her television broadcasting and her Grammy Award win the Grammy Award and the appointment of close contact with the previous year, "he added.
Many stars have brought their condemnation of pages in the loss of such a portrait and influential musicians to express their grief.
"I feel sick life is precious, we are brittle soul Let us love each other! I miss your beautiful Whitney, the entire world miss you! (Sic)" Alicia keys shouting.
Whitney on singer Jennifer * Lopez and pink, also voiced their sorrow 's untimely death.
"So the loss of one of the greatest voices of our time. Hualian trust to send prayers to her family ... # RIPWhitney, Jennifer wrote, and added:" Whitney is a pink our reasons for many of us do. "Some steal a moment to share with us all these" split (sic). "
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