Singaporeans cheated of a contest in Tanjong Pagar
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2011-04-27 13:08:49 UTC
truth comment: this is cheating to deprive all singaporeans of a chance to
see a contest in tanjong pagar. this is typical of the pap. the election
department conspire with the pap to cheat.  this case must be taken to the
un to highlight the pap cheating ways.

Besides what is being mentioned in the subject, oppositions also looks
got problems to answer certain question that PAP asked etc, I thought
scared of something or what or maybe there are threats around which
people did say that some walk away and dare not buy goods, I think
this case
also applies to elections either....what is the threat all about if
you really know
how to run a country, run with goods etc, what kind of thinking the
PAP have,
they should know themselves better.......that is bad

2011-04-27 22:20:47 UTC
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